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New Brochure Features Laboratory Presses and Accessories

Carver Full Line Catalog

A new brochure from Carver, Inc. features the company’s full line of laboratory presses and accessories. For more than 100 years Carver hydraulic presses have been a standard for laboratories around the world, offering a variety of sizes, options, features and quality performance.

The new brochure features product specifications for Carver’s line of presses, including its standard hydraulic laboratory presses in two-column and four-column, benchtop and floor standing, plus manual and automatic models with clamping capacities from 0.5 to 100 tons. Individual models are listed along with product details such as maximum clamp force, platen diameters, height and weight. A press selection page is also featured to help select the right Carver press for an application. Carver also offers specialized and custom presses for specific applications.

Information on Carver’s line of laboratory press accessories is also available, featuring molds, dies and test cylinders, gauges and a variety of heating and cooling platen options.

Carver is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom hydraulic and pneumatic presses for laboratory applications such as pelletizing, lab testing, pharmaceuticals, liquid extraction, cell disruption, laminating, specimen preparation and other applications.