Carver, Inc., hydraulic lab presses and accessories

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Press Leaders

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Bench Top Manual Presses

Manual bench top lab presses.


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Carver Standard Unheated Manual Presses are available in 12, 25 and 30 ton capacities. Designed for an array of different applications and processes for example; pelletizing, destructive testing, rosin and other fluid extraction, pressure forming, etc.

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The Carver Manually Heated Press line with the option for manual water cooling are designed with Digital Temperature Controls for a more precise temperature read out. Available tonnage capacities of 7.5, 12, 25 and 30 tons force. These presses are typically used for rosin extraction, molding, laminating, embossing, and bonding of various materials.

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All Carver Manual Pellet Presses are designed to compact homogeneous power into a usable pellet sample. These presses are available in 12, 40 and even 50 ton capacities. Carver also offers a variety of pellet dies specifically made for the pellet press line. The pellet dies come in 6, 12, 13, 25, 31 and 40 mm sample sizes and may be found under the Accessories page for Testing/Processing/Dies.

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Carver's transfer press is based on the industry standard Model C. The Model C has been outfitted with a pneumatic transfer cylinder providing a compact, cost effective transfer design suitable for prototyping and limited production run applications. The transfer sections features a self-aligning chrome plated plunger with a 7cc injection capacity.

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Manually operated hydraulic laminating presses with stacked heating and cooling platens in bench top model. Thermostatic control, aluminum platens, heating one opening while simultaneously cooling the other results in faster production of laminated samples, plastic plaques and other R&D items. Temperature control 150-500°F.